The Real Cost of the ESG Agenda

Normally, the people making decisions for a company are acting within its best interests, and the interests of the customer. But when gigantic funds own a majority of shares, they call the shots - and now they’re hijacking corporate America in the push for ESG.

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Putting Politics Over Pensions: The 2024 Report Card on Investment Fund Managers and Proxy Voting Behavior

Over the past year, investment management companies have faced unprecedented scrutiny regarding their support for left- leaning shareholder proposals focused on environmental, social, and governance objectives – better known as “ESG.”

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Proxy Voting:
How They Play With Your Pension

number one

You work and pay into your pension

number two

The funds go to investment managers who have the responsibility of growing your pension

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They invest your pension in companies like Disney and McDonald's, becoming a shareholder

number four

As shareholders, the investment managers get a vote in important company decisions

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Instead of voting for resolutions that would benefit the company, and the customer, many managers support resolutions calling for “climate justice” and “racial equity audits”

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These ESG policies hurt company performance, which means lower returns for your pension

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ESG isn't an investment strategy; It's a political agenda.

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Investing with ESG depresses returns.

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ESG is being used to hijack shareholder voting.

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IEE grades the ERS of Texas a “D”


Voted in direct conflict with own published proxy voting policy Voted with activists on five out of seven shareholder proposals, but voted against the lone proposal on climate issues. IEE… Read More

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