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Pension Politics is a project of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. The Committee to Unleash Prosperity seeks to educate policy makers and the public about government policies that have been proven, in practice, to maximize economic growth and equitable prosperity in America and around the world.

The Committee’s mission is not partisan and not political. Our mission simply is to identify those policies best suited to unleashing prosperity and to educate policy makers on the best practices to achieve equitable prosperity.


Pension Politics

Our work on ESG-related shareholder proposals began 2021 to offer investors or officials who are responsible for the oversight of public pension funds elevated transparency into the voting actions taken on their behalf by fund managers during annual meetings. We have a particular focus on shareholder votes that will impact the supply and demand of energy around the world. Specifically, our scoring is designed to rate a fund manager’s strict adherence to its fiduciary duty as an agent representing the profit interests of investors whose capital is at risk.

We screen proxy statements for contentious or value destroying proposals or board candidates up for shareholder vote. We are especially interested in issues that will unnaturally impact the supply or demand of energy and negatively impact the value of the company in question.

We select specific proxy items on which we aggregate the votes cast on investors and pensioners behalf by fund managers and pension administrators.

DISCLAIMER: Pension Politics is intended for educational purposes only.  It is not intended for financial advice.  Please contact a professional financial adviser before making any decisions.

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