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How the Funds Stack Up (2023 Report)

The table below shows the results of the largest investment firms, which account for the vast majority of funds under management. Firms that earned the best grades voted in the interests of their clients at least 90 percent of the time. The lower the grade, the more often firms voted for ESG-focused shareholder resolutions. You can also view the pension map.


Fund FamilyGradeScoreIndexSum of Final ScoreSum of Max Potential Score
Harris AssociatesA101,4601,460
PRIMECAP Management Co.A101,1301,130
Crossmark Global Investments, Inc.A10840840
Davis Selected AdvisorsA10810810
AXS InvestmentsA10750750
Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo Co. LLCA10730730
Fayez Sarofim & Co.A10510510
Mawer Investment Mgmt Ltd.A10380380
Abraham Trading CompanyA10370370
Cavanal Hill Investment Management, IncA10320320
Schwartz Investment Counsel, Inc.A10280280
Redwood Investment Management, LLCA10280280
EntrepreneurShares, LLCA10280280
Cognios CapitalA10280280
Leuthold Weeden Capital Management LLCA10270270
Auxier Asset Management LLCA10270270
Clough Capital Partners LPA10260260
The Adams Express Co.A10250250
Cantor Fitzgerald Investment Advisors, L.P.A10250250
Pzena Investment Management IncA10230230
Kovitz Investment Group, LLCA10230230
MAI Capital Management, LLCA10230230
Tributary Capital Management LLCA10220220
The Moneypaper Advisor, Inc.A10210210
Marsico Capital Management LLCA10210210
Jensen Investment ManagementA10190190
Mairs & Power, Inc.A10190190
RNC Genter Capital Management LLCA10170170
Sparrow Capital Management, Inc.A10160160
Wahed Invest LLCA10160160
SKBA Capital Management, LLCA10160160
Poplar Forest Capital, LLCA10160160
Mitchell Sinkler & Starr, Inc.A10160160
Advisors Capital Management, LLCA10160160
Connors Investor Services, Inc.A10160160
Waycross Partners, LLCA10140140
Centre Asset Management, LLCA10140140
Beech Hill Advisors, Inc.A10140140
Crawford Investment Counsel, Inc. A10140140
Stonebridge Capital Management, Inc.A10130130
Tweedy, Browne Company LLCA10130130
Wisconsin Capital Management LLCA10130130
McGinn Investment ManagementA10130130
Monetta Financial Services, Inc.A10130130
Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLCA10130130
Newfound Research LLCA10130130
Austin Atlantic Asset Management Co.A10130130
W.H. Reaves & Co., Inc.A10120120
Winning Points Advisors, LLCA10120120
RiverPark Advisors, LLC A10120120
Trust for Professional ManagersA10120120
Oelschlager Investments LLCA10120120
Capital Advisors, Inc.A10120120
The Investment House, LLCA10110110
X-Square Capital, LLCA10110110
Pacific Heights Asset Management LLCA10110110
H. M. PaysonA10110110
Hoya Capital Real Estate, LLCA10110110
Bridges Investment Management, Inc.A10110110
Adams Asset Advisors, LLCA10110110
Archer Investment Corp.A10110110
VELA Investment ManagementA10100100
Torray LLCA10100100
Forester Capital Management Ltd.A10100100
General American Investors Inc.A10100100
Sims Capital ManagementA109090
WealthTrust Asset Management, LLCA109090
Kerns Capital Management, Inc. A109090
Needham Investment Management, L.L.C.A109090
Neiman FundsA109090
Accuvest Global AdvisorsA109090
Corbyn Investment Management, Inc.A109090
California First Leasing CorporationA109090
Scout Investments, Inc.A108080
Weitz Inc.A108080
Sands Capital ManagementA108080
Toews CorporationA108080
Yacktman Asset ManagementA108080
Fiera Capital CorporationA108080
Concorde Financial CorporationA108080
Volumetric Advisers, IncA107070
Princeton Fund Advisors, LLCA107070
NGS SuperA107070
Miller Value Partners, LLCA107070
Gadsden, LLCA107070
Mutual Fund and Variable Insurance TrustA107070
Berkshire Capital Holdings, Inc.A107070
Biondo Investment Advisors, LLCA107070
Ascendant Capital Management, LLCA107070
Central Securities Corp.A107070
AlphaMark AdvisorsA107070
Barrett Asset Management LLCA107070
Copeland Capital Management, LLCA107070
North Square Investments, LLCA106060
Pinnacle Family Advisors, LLCA106060
Iridian Asset Management LLCA106060
First Foundation AdvisorsA106060
Carosa, Stanton & DePaoloA106060
Destra Capital Management LLCA106060
Riverbridge Partners, LLCA105050
PPFAS Asset ManagememtA105050
Pinnacle Capital Management LLCA105050
NorthQuest Capital Fund, Inc.A105050
FCA Corp.A105050
Chase Investment CounselA105050
YCG FundsA104040
Wedgewood Partners, Inc.A104040
Barrett Opportunity Fund, Inc.A104040
SVM Asset ManagementA104040
Mundoval Capital Management, Inc.A104040
ACR Alpine Capital ResearchA104040
Caldwell Investment ManagementA103030
Wells Capital ManagementA103030
Partners Group (USA) Inc.A103030
Royce Investment PartnersA103030
Recurrent Investment Advisors, LLCA103030
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb, Inc.A103030
The Future Fund, LLCA103030
MD SassA103030
Monongahela Capital ManagementA103030
Front Street Capital ManagementA103030
Matthew 25 Fund IncA103030
Absolute Investment AdvisersA103030
AFAM Capital, Inc. A103030
Advent Capital Management, LLCA103030
Fort Pitt Capital Group, Inc.A102020
Tekla Capital Management LLC A102020
Vulcan Value Partners, LLCA102020
O'Shares Investment Advisers, LLCA102020
Wellington Management (Sub-Advised)A102020
Strategic Asset Management, LtdA102020
PKE Pensionskasse Energie Genossenschaft (PKE-CPE)A102020
Orbis Investment ManagementA102020
Greenwich Ivy Capital LLCA102020
Homestead Funds IncA102020
Ceredex Value Advisors LLCA102020
Check Capital Management Inc.A102020
Cultivar Capital, Inc. A102020
Altrinsic Global Advisors, LLCA102020
BBR Partners, LLC (Multi-Managed)A102020
Edgewood Management LLCA102020
D.F. Dent and Company, Inc.A102020
Chickasaw Capital Management, LLCA102020
Origin Asset Management LLPA101010
Clifford Capital Partners, LLCA101010
SBAuer Funds, LLCA101010
Democracy Investment Management LLCA101010
Daxor CorporationA101010
Fenimore Asset ManagementA101010
Jacob Asset Management of New York LLCA101010
Bernzott Capital AdvisorsA101010
Dean Investment Associates, LLCA101010
Aperio Group LLCA101010
FMOQ (Multi-Managed)A101010
Red Cedar Investment Management, LLCA101010
Shapiro Capital Management LLCA101010
Champlain Investment Partners, LLCA101010
Frank Capital Partners LLCA101010
Jacob Funds Inc.A101010
Sawakami Investment TrustA101010
Capital Insight Partners, LLCA101010
Muhlenkamp & Co.A101010
Formidable Asset ManagementA101010
Innovative Portfolios, LLCA101010
Astoria Portfolio Advisors LLCA101010
Bessemer Investment Management LLC (Multi-Managed)A101010
Beck, Mack & Oliver LLCA101010
Exponential ETFsA9.7560580
Reynolds Capital ManagementA9.7300310
Calamos Advisors LLCA9.62,8702,990
Zacks Investment Management, IncA9.6460480
Convergence Investment Partners, LLCA9.6220230
Beutel GoodmanA9.65860
Toroso Investments, LLCA9.5400420
FCF Advisors LLCA9.5180190
Yorktown Management & Research Company, Inc.A9.595100
Hennessy Advisors, Inc.A9.4450480
Kornitzer Capital Management, Inc. A9.4450480
Harding Loevner LLCA9.4170180
SL Advisors, LLCA9.3140150
Professionally Managed PortfoliosA9.3270290
Investment Research CorporationA9.3130140
Amberwave Partners Research and Management, LLCA9.2120130
Empowered Funds, LLCA9.1410450
Diamond Hill Capital Management, IncA9.1320350
Pennsylvania State Employees' Retirement System (SERS)A8.9400450
Skagen FundsA8.98090
T. Rowe Price Investment Management, Inc.A8.8220250
Smead Capital Management, Inc.A8.87080
T. Rowe PriceA8.711,61013,320
Federated Investment Management Co.A8.72,6203,000
Great Lakes AdvisorsA8.7270310
Leavell Investment Management, Inc. A8.6180210
First Pacific Advisors LLCA8.5350410
Dodge & Cox, Inc.A8.5170200
T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. (Sub-Advised)B8.42,8803,430
Fidelity Institutional Asset ManagementB8.48701,040
Advanced Asset Management Advisors, Inc.B8.4260310
Walter Scott Global Investment Management B8.3100120
Sound Shore Management, Inc.B8.35060
Fairholme Capital Management, LLCB8.32530
Allianz Global Investors (Multi-Managed)B8.2280340
Aspiriant Trust (Multi-Managed)B8.2180220
First Eagle Investment Management LLCB8.1340420
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. (Multi-Managed)B8.1220270
MFG Asset Management B84050
ETF Series SolutionsB7.8500640
Fiduciary Management, Inc.B7.8140180
Janus Henderson Investors (US)B7.61,2601,650
Smith Asset Management Group, L.P.B7.6190250
Magellan Asset Management B7.6130170
Series Portfolios TrustB7.54560
Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, L.P.B7.54560
SRN Advisors, LLCB7.53040
NexPoint Advisors (affiliate of Highland Capital Management)B7.53040
American Trust Investment Advisors, LLCB7.53040
Camelot Funds, LLCB7.53040
Summit Global Investments, LLCB7.4200270
Luther King Capital ManagementB7.3290400
1290 Asset Managers (Multi-Managed)B7.1150210
Motley Fool Asset Management, LLCB7.1120170
Fidelity Investments (Canada)B71,7502,500
Madison Asset Management LLCC6.9370540
Empower Funds, Inc (Multi-Managed)C6.8440650
Applied Finance Advisors, LLCC6.8360530
Morningstar Investment Management AustraliaC6.8340500
Employees Retirement System of TexasC6.8270400
Penserra Capital Management LLCC6.8130190
Cambiar Investors, LLCC6.7100150
Teachers Advisors, LLCC6.780120
Sanders Capital, LLCC6.74060
Tanaka Capital Management, IncC6.72030
Innealta Capital, LLCC6.72030
Pacific Asset ManagementC6.72030
Easterly Funds LLCC6.72030
Saturna Capital Corp.C6.6250380
Putnam Investment Management LLCC6.52,4503,790
Florida State Board of AdministrationC6.4250390
Mason Street Advisors, LLCC6.3380600
Transamerica Financial Advisors, Inc. (Multi-Managed)C6.36801,080
Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP (Multi-Managed)C6.3150240
Morris Capital AdvisorsC6.3100160
ARK Investment Management LLCC6.35080
JP MorganC6.27,33011,780
Huber Capital Management LLCC6.280130
Dearborn Partners, L.L.C.C6.280130
Atlas Asset Management LLCC690150
North Star Investment Management CorpC660100
Litman Gregory Fund Advisors LLC (Multi-Managed)C5.9300510
Securian Asset Management, Inc.C5.9160270
Hotchkis & Wiley Capital Management LLCC5.8280480
Brandes Investment Partners LPC5.8110190
Matrix Asset Advisors, Inc.C5.74070
Duff & Phelps Investment Management Co., Inc.C5.74070
Olive Street Investment Advisers, LLC (Multi-Managed)C5.6475850
Viking Fund Management, LLCC5.6150270
American Beacon Advisors, Inc.C5.690160
Payden & RygelC5.5120220
Thornburg Investment Management, Inc.C5.5105190
Morningstar Investment Management LLC (Multi-Managed)C5.4350650
Advance Asset Management (Multi-Managed)C5.4305560
Lord Abbett & Co. LLCC5.35401,010
AXA Equitable LifeC5.32,3604,490
BT SuperC5.31,4852,810
The London CompanyC5.2140270
GAMCO InvestorsC5.11,2552,480
Arrow Investment Advisors, LLCC5.1300590
Aristotle Capital ManagementC5.1180350
Ohio National Investments, Inc.C51,1752,350
Spirit of America Management Corp.C5310620
Teacher Retirement System of TexasC5240480
Cornerstone Advisors, Inc. (Washington)C5190380
Barrow, Hanley, Mewhinney & Strauss, LLCC5160320
Hillman Capital Management, Inc.C590180
Northern Lights FundsC585170
Tocqueville Asset ManagementC570140
Veritas Asset ManagementC560120
Macquarie Investment Management (Multi-Managed)C560120
Capital Guardian Trust Co.C560120
Emles Advisors LLCC550100
Scharf Investments, LLCC53060
Alta Capital Management, LLCC53060
Thomas White International Ltd.C52040
Red Rocks Capital LLCC52040
Frontier Capital Management Co., LLCC52040
Hamlin Capital Management, LLCC52040
Polen Capital Management, LLCC52040
Water Island Capital, LLCC51020
Tuttle Tactical Management, LLCC51020
Advisory Research Inc.C51020
Absolute Capital Management, LLCC51020
Columbus Circle InvestorsC51020
13D Management LLCC51020
Pacer Advisors, IncD4.91,1302,320
Goldman SachsD4.83,2406,780
BNY MellonD4.82,6905,550
Vantage Consulting GroupD4.8230480
Baillie Gifford & Co.D4.8145300
QCI Asset Management, Inc.D4.8110230
Trust for Advised PortfoliosD4.8110230
Pennsylvania Public School Employees' Retirement System (PSERS)D4.7210450
Envestnet (Multi-Managed)D4.7160340
Eagle Asset Management, Inc.D4.780170
State StreetD4.65,87012,670
Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co.D4.61,3102,850
LSV Asset ManagementD4.6330720
BNY Mellon (Multi-Managed)D4.6330720
Boston PartnersD4.54501,000
Telstra SuperD4.5210470
American Beacon Advisors, Inc. (Multi-Managed)D4.5170380
City National Rochdale, LLCD4.590200
Wellington Shields Capital Management, LLCD4.550110
LoCorr Fund Management (Multi-Managed)D4.550110
Penn Mutual Asset Management, LLCD4.44751,070
AlphaSimplex Group, LLCD4.4120270
Brewin DolphinD4.44090
Jennison AssociatesD4.32,0004,680
Los Angeles Capital Management and Equity Research, Inc.D4.3370870
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)D4.3210490
Mine SuperD4.3200470
Sterling Capital Management LLCD4.3190440
DCM Advisors, LLCD4.3120280
Evercore Wealth Management LLCD4.360140
Davidson Investment Advisors, Inc.D4.33070
Affinity Investment Advisors, LLCD4.33070
Brinker Capital, Inc. (Multi-Managed)D4.25101,220
Van Eck Associates Corp.D4.24901,170
Amplify Investments LLCD4.2100240
HighMark Capital Management, Inc.D4.250120
UBS Asset Management (Multi-Managed)D4.1200490
Copley Financial Services Corp.D4.190220
Becker Capital Management, Inc. D4.170170
Franklin TempletonD41,8554,660
Nationwide Fund Advisors (Multi-Managed)D4325820
Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.D460150
DoubleLine CapitalD460150
The Renaissance Group LLCD440100
Sirios Capital Management, L.P.D440100
FundX Investment GroupD440100
Distillate Capital Partners LLCD440100
Stephens Investment Management Group, LLC D42050
North Carolina Department of State TreasurerD42050
Capital GroupD3.92,7757,050
Guardian Capital Group LimitedD3.9270690
Harbor Capital Advisors, IncD3.9170440
Artisan PartnersD3.9130330
Tran Capital Management, L.PD3.83080
Voya Investment Management (Multi-Managed)D3.83080
Consulting Group Advisory Services LLC (Multi-Managed)D3.83080
BlackRock (Sub-Advised)D3.75601,520
Janus Henderson Group PLCD3.7165450
Russell Investment Management Co.D3.61,3103,610
Neuberger Berman GroupD3.64451,240
Wilshire Associates, Inc. (Multi-Managed)D3.6185510
US Global Investors, Inc. (Asset Management)D3.640110
Edge Asset Management, Inc.D3.640110
EULAV Asset ManagementD3.640110
Granite Investment Advisors, Inc.D3.580230
Assetmark, Inc. D3.580230
Natixis Investment ManagersD3.41,1003,190
Colorado PERA (Public Employees’ Retirement Association of Colorado)D3.4160470
Vident Investment Advisory, LLCD3.4120350
New York Life Investment Management LLCD3.3160490
K2 Advisors, LLC.D3.3110330
WBI Investments, IncD3.3100300
ETF Managers Group LLCD3.390270
IMS Capital ManagementD3.340120
Neuberger Berman Alternative Funds (Multi-Managed)D3.33090
Logan Capital Management, Inc.D3.33090
Emerald Advisers, Inc.D3.33090
ArrowMark PartnersD3.33090
Franklin Templeton Asset Management (India) Private LimitedD3.32060
Wasatch FundsD3.31030
Advisors Preferred, LLCD3.31030
Loomis, Sayles & Co. LPD3.27402,340
Ninety OneD3.2240760
Catholic SuperD3.290280
Commerce Bank (Kansas City)D3.270220
Charles SchwabD3.12,1106,740
Ziegler Capital ManagementD3.140130
RMB Capital ManagementD3.140130
Davenport & Company LLCD3130430
Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (OTPP)D390300
Lowe, Brockenbrough & Co., Inc.D370230
Zevenbergen CapitalD330100
Frost Investment Advisors, LLCD330100
Loomis Sayles Funds ID330100
Invesco CapitalF2.92,94510,070
Norges Bank Investment ManagementF2.9150520
Northern Ireland Local Government Officers Superannuation CommitteeF2.950170
Haverford Financial ServicesF2.92070
Montrusco Bolton InvestmentsF2.92070
36ONE Asset ManagementF2.92070
Voya Investment MgmtF2.81,4405,130
USCA Asset Management, LLCF2.8110400
Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS)F2.850180
Fulcrum Asset Management LLPF2.740150
Invesco AdvisersF2.62,2408,460
Principal Global Investors LLC (Multi-Managed)F2.64551,740
Guinness Atkinson Asset Management, Inc.F2.645170
Invesco Canada Ltd. F2.58053,160
Mackenzie Financial CorporationF2.56602,660
ClearBridge Investments LLCF2.53101,220
Reflection Asset ManagementF2.580320
Old Mutual PLCF2.540160
Levin Capital StrategiesF2.530120
The Timothy PlanF2.52080
Port Street Investments, LLC (Multi-Managed)F2.52080
Bexil Advisers LLCF2.52080
Innovator Capital Management, LLCF2.51040
Jackson Square PartnersF2.51040
Independent Franchise PartnersF2.51040
Chevy Chase Trust Investment AdvisorsF2.51040
Genus Capital ManagementF2.5520
Columbia ThreadneedleF2.42,43010,190
Invesco Asset Management LimitedF2.49153,890
Amundi Asset Management USF2.43601,490
Epoch Investment PartnersF2.4170700
Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMco)F2.4110450
PFM Asset Management LLCF2.450210
Virtus Investment Partners Inc.F2.440170
Mercer Investment Management, Inc. (Multi-Managed)F2.3130560
ProcureAM, LLCF2.330130
Allspring GlobalF2.21,3406,020
California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS)F2.2110500
Washington State Investment Board (WSIB)F2.2110490
River Road Asset ManagementF2.22090
Spears Abacus Advisors, LLCF2.22090
Axis Asset Management Company LimitedF2.22090
Global X Management Co. LLCF2.16102,940
Kempen Capital ManagementF2.12701,290
AXA Equitable Life Insurance Co.F2.1150700
First Sentier InvestorsF2.1100470
Manulife Investment ManagementF27403,630
Delaware Management Company (Multi-Managed)F290450
James Investment Research, Inc.F280410
WesBanco Bank, Inc.F250250
Cohen & Steers Capital Management, Inc.F240200
Tortoise Capital Advisors LLCF230150
Thompson Investment Management, Inc.F230150
Liontrust Asset Management PLCF230150
C WorldWide Asset ManagementF220100
Roundhill Financial IncF21050
Kingsview Wealth Management LLCF21050
Portolan Capital ManagementF21050
Korea National Pension ServiceF21050
Rothschild Asset Management Inc.F1.950260
Nicholas Co., Inc.F1.950260
Delaware Management Company (Macquarie)F1.83301,790
Newton Investment ManagementF1.82101,170
Managed Portfolio SeriesF1.860330
Sycomore Asset ManagementF1.840220
Swedbank RoburF1.73802,240
Morgan Stanley Investment Management, Inc.F1.72801,670
MacKay Shields LLCF1.7150860
Boyar Asset ManagementF1.720120
Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.F1.71060
Midas Securities Group, IncF1.71060
First Republic Investment ManagementF1.71060
Forward Management LLCF1.71060
Foxby CorpF1.71060
EARNEST Partners, LLCF1.7530
Railpen (RMPI)F1.640250
John Hancock Funds, LLC (Multi-Managed)F1.630190
OppenheimerFunds, Inc.F1.630190
BAMCO Inc.F1.630190
MetLife Inc.F1.590600
Union InvestmentF1.560400
Jupiter Asset ManagementF1.550340
Sarasin & Partners LLPF1.540270
Coho Partners, LtdF1.520130
American CenturyF1.49406,810
Columbia Threadneedle UKF1.42201,600
GQG Partners LLCF1.490630
BNY Mellon (Sub-Advised)F1.480590
PSP InvestmentsF1.470490
Baring Asset ManagementF1.460420
SEI Investments Management Corp. (Multi-Managed)F1.450370
The Edgar Lomax CompanyF1.420140
GuideStone FundsF1.420140
Cambria Investment ManagementF1.420140
Rocky Mountain AdvisersF1.41070
Nikko Asset Management EuropeF1.41070
Bessemer Investment Management LLCF1.360450
Cullen Capital Management LLCF1.340310
Westfield Capital Management Company, L.P.F1.320150
Caisse de depot et placement du QuebecF1.320150
Johnson Investment Counsel, Inc.F1.320150
Ancora Advisors LLCF1.320150
Principal Global Investors LLCF1.23903,300
Horizon InvestmentsF1.21701,420
O'Shaughnessy Asset ManagementF1.21301,110
Wilmington Trust Investment Management LLCF1.2110900
Qantas Superannuation PlanF1.2110900
Coronation Fund Managers LtdF1.2100820
SIT Investment Associates IncF1.280690
Richard Bernstein Advisors LLCF1.280670
Maryland State Retirement and Pension SystemF1.260500
M&G InvestmentsF1.260490
D.E. Shaw Investment ManagementF1.250430
NFJ Investment Group LLCF1.250410
bpfBOUW (De Stichting Bedrijfstakpensioenfonds voor de Bouwnijverheid)F1.240340
TrueMark Investments, LLCF1.230260
Blackstone (Multi-Managed)F1.220170
First Trust AdvisorsF1.15004,750
ProFund AdvisorsF1.15204,690
Mutual of America Capital Management CorporationF1.12902,560
Danica PensionF1.11501,390
ASR NederlandF1.11201,050
ALPS Advisors, Inc.F1.1100940
Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc.F1.190810
Segall Bryant & HamillF1.140380
Aware SuperF1.140350
Artemis Investment Management LLPF1.130280
CFB Methodist ChurchF1.130280
1919 Investment CounselF1.130280
EquityCompass StrategiesF1.11090
Invesco Perpetual Select TrustF14905,020
Meeder Asset Management, Inc.F12202,240
Nationwide Fund AdvisorsF11601,590
Rafferty Asset Management, LLCF11101,060
Boston Trust Walden CompanyF180840
Shelton Capital ManagementF180820
Ivy Investment Management CompanyF180800
AJO, LPF170670
PineBridge Investments LLCF160620
Fisher InvestmentsF150510
California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS)F150500
Transamerica Series TrustF150490
State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB)F150480
Persimmon Capital Management, LP (Multi-Managed)F150480
Cornerstone Capital Management LLCF150480
361 Capital, LLCF130300
Equity Investment CorporationF110100
Acadian Asset Management LLCF110100
City of London Investment GroupF1550
Gateway Investment Advisers LLCF-0.91601,860
BMO Global Asset ManagementF-0.91501,720
Nuveen Asset Management LLCF-0.91501,580
Exchange Traded Concepts, LLCF-0.91301,450
CIBC Private Wealth Advisors, Inc.F-0.950530
PanAgora Asset Management, Inc.F-0.940440
Atalanta Sosnoff Capital LLCF-0.920220
RiverNorth Capital ManagementF-0.910110
Mondrian Investment PartnersF-0.910110
Gotham Asset Management, LLCF-0.83003,750
Allianz Global InvestorsF-0.81652,140
New York City Pension FundsF-0.81401,800
Boston Management and ResearchF-0.8901,140
Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM)F-0.840500
Engine No. 1F-0.840500
Brunel Pension PartnershipF-0.840500
Border to Coast Pensions Partnership (Multi-Managed)F-0.820260
Cboe Vest Financial LLCF-0.820240
Thompson, Siegel & WalmsleyF-0.810130
Premier Miton InvestorsF-0.810130
Olstein Capital ManagementF-0.810130
Danske Bank A/SF-0.73104,480
AQR Capital Management LLCF-0.71802,730
Legal & General Investment ManagementF-0.770960
State Farm Insurance Co. Asset ManagementF-0.750690
Pensionskassernes Administration (PKA)F-0.750670
British Columbia Investment Management CorporationF-0.735490
Nordea Bank OyjF-0.730460
Brown Advisory LLCF-0.725370
Oak Associates Ltd.F-0.720290
North Country Investment Advisers, Inc.F-0.720280
Local Pensions Partnership (LPP)F-0.710150
Deutsche BankF-0.698517,330
NEI InvestmentsF-0.655860
HSBC Global Asset ManagementF-0.630500
AXA Investment ManagersF-0.630480
Fjarde Ap-FondenF-0.620360
Brandywine Global Investment ManagementF-0.620360
Rabobank PensioenfondsF-0.620330
TIFF Advisory ServicesF-0.620320
AP PensionF-0.620320
Silvant Capital Management LLCF-0.610180
Pensioenfonds Werk en (re)IntegratieF-0.610180
William Blair & Co. LLC (Investment Management)F-0.610170
Aviva InvestorsF-0.540800
Vermont Pension Investment CommitteeF-0.525490
Royal London Asset ManagementF-0.525480
ASGA PensionskasseF-0.520410
PGGM InvestmentsF-0.520390
Waddell & Reed Investment Management Co.F-0.520380
Federated Hermes Equity Ownership ServicesF-0.520380
W.E. Donoghue & Co., Inc.F-0.510200
Krane Funds Advisors, LLCF-0.510200
Vision SuperF-0.510190
La Française Asset ManagementF-0.510190
Northern TrustF-0.42305,290
Lazard Asset Management LLCF-0.4501,370
Amundi Asset ManagementF-0.420490
Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia (HESTA)F-0.420460
The New York State Common Retirement FundF-0.410270
New York State Teachers' Retirement SystemF-0.410250
Weiss Multi-Strategy Advisers LLCF-0.410240
Amundi Asset Management (Japan)F-0.410240
Kayne Anderson Rudnick Investment Management, LLCF-0.410230
Storebrand Asset MgmtF-0.31605,230
Schroders PLCF-0.3401,360
Eaton Vance Management, Inc.F-0.330870
Fidelity InternationalF-0.320740
Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors LLCF-0.320720
Illinois State TreasurerF-0.315480
Laegernes Pension & BankF-0.310400
ACT Government (Australia)F-0.310400
Erste Asset ManagementF-0.310330
Victory Capital Management, Inc.F-0.2653,500
United Services Automobile Association (USAA)F-0.2603,120
Calvert Research and Management, Inc.F-0.2402,040
AEGON Investment Management B.VF-0.2301,420
Lombard Odier Investment ManagersF-0.2201,190
TKP InvestmentsF-0.220900
Counsel Portfolio Services Inc.F-0.210520
Canada Post Corporation Pension PlanF-0.25250
Parametric Portfolio Associates, LLCF-0.1302,820
IndexIQ Advisors LLCF-0.1201,380
Pictet Asset Management LimitedF-0.110940
Impact Shares, Corp.F-0.110880
Mirova SAF-0.110810
Glenmede Investment Management LPF-0.110740
BNP ParibasF-0204,830
DWS Investment Management Americas, Inc.F-004,490
Credit Suisse Asset Management LLCF-0104,250
TD Asset ManagementF-003,670
Irish Life Investment Managers LimitedF-003,460
University of CaliforniaF-002,760
KLP KapitalforvaltningF-001,820
Pensioenfonds VervoerF-001,720
Christian Brothers Investment Services (CBIS)F-001,460
Achmea Investment ManagementF-001,210
Rhode Island Office of the General TreasurerF-001,140
Fred Alger Management, IncF-001,120
ISS SRI FundsF-00950
LocalTapiola Asset ManagementF-00840
Bridgeway Capital ManagementF-00790
KBI Global Investors Ltd.F-00560
Everence Capital Management, Inc.F-00520
Trillium Asset Management Corp.F-00480
The Index Group, IncF-00480
New Covenant FundsF-00480
Connecticut Retirement Plans and Trust FundsF-00480
BPF SchoonmaakF-00460
RhumbLine Advisers Ltd. PartnershipF-00450
TCW Asset Management Co., Inc.F-00440
Mercy Investment ServicesF-00440
BVK Personalvorsorge des Kantons ZürichF-00440
Deka InvestmentF-00410
New Zealand Superannuation FundF-00400
BPL PensioenF-00390
Första AP-fonden (AP1)F-00340
Pensionskasse SBBF-00330
Chartwell Investment PartnersF-00320
Pensioenfonds Metaal en TechniekF-00310
Green Century Capital Management, Inc.F-00300
INTECH Investment Management LLCF-00290
Winslow Capital ManagementF-00280
Humankind Investments LLCF-00280
Clarivest Asset ManagementF-00280
Franklin Advisers, Inc.F-00270
Andra AP-FondenF-00270
Marathon Asset Management LLPF-00250
Stichting Pensioenfonds Medisch Specialisten (SPMS)F-00240
Impax Asset Management LLCF-00240
Research Affiliates, LLCF-00220
DSM Capital Partners LLCF-00210
Osterweis Capital Management, Inc.F-00200
Migros PensionskasseF-00200
AMF FonderF-00200
Energy Income Partners LLCF-00200
Cbus SuperF-00190
Tredje AP-fonden (AP3)F-00180
Domini Impact Investments LLCF-00180
Monteagle FundsF-00160
Parnassus InvestmentsF-00150
Nordea Investment Management (Sub-Advised)F-00140
Fidelity International (Australia)F-00140
Vontobel Asset ManagementF-00120
Dodge & Cox, Inc. (Sub-Advised)F-00110
Virtus Investment Partners, Inc. (Multi-Managed)F-00100
GAM Holding Ltd.F-00100
Infusive Asset ManagementF-00100
Friess Associates, LLCF-00100
ICICI Prudential Asset Mgmt.Company LimitedF-00100
Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, LPF-0090
Uncommon Investment Advisors LLCF-0090
FS Fund Advisor, LLCF-0090
Boston Common Asset Management, LLCF-0090
Community Capital Management, IncF-0090
Defiance ETFs LLCF-0090
Aperture Investors, LLCF-0090
Active SuperF-0090
Pyrford International Ltd.F-0080
Hartford Funds Management Company, LLCF-0080
Loyola University of ChicagoF-0070
PIRC (PVA Recommendations)F-0070
Elo Mutual Pension Insurance CompanyF-0070
Bailard, Inc.F-0070
Australian Ethical Investment LimitedF-0070
JAG Capital Management LLCF-0060
Nuance Investments, LLCF-0060
Knowledge Leaders CapitalF-0060
Change Finance, PBCF-0060
Strategas Asset Management, LLCF-0050
London Borough of Camden Pension FundF-0050
Preserver Partners, LLCF-0050
Hyperion Asset Management LimitedF-0050
Pensionskasse PostF-0050
Invesco (Multi-Managed)F-0050
Kirr, Marbach & Co. LLCF-0050
GEMINI SammelstiftungF-0050
Mar Vista Investment Partners, LLCF-0050
EdenTree Investment ManagementF-0050
Allied Asset Advisors, Inc.F-0050
Prospector Partners Asset Management, LLCF-0040
Sustainable Growth AdvisersF-0040
Grandeur Peak Global Advisors, LLCF-0040
Jacobs Levy Equity Management Inc.F-0040
Horizon Kinetics Asset Management LLCF-0040
Pacific Investment Management Co. (PIMCO)F-0040
Fuller & Thaler Asset ManagementF-0040
Advisors Series TrustF-0040
Driehaus Capital Management LLCF-0040
AGF Investments Inc.F-0040
Counterpoint Mutual Funds, LLCF-0040
Cumbria Pension SchemeF-0030
SilverBay Capital Management LLCF-0030
CCLA Investment Management LimitedF-0030
The Ithaka Group, LLCF-0030
Rockefeller & Co. Inc.F-0030
SBI Funds Management Private LimitedF-0030
KB Asset ManagementF-0030
Metropolitan West Asset Management LLCF-0030
Miller/Howard Investments Inc.F-0030
Leeward Investments, LLCF-0030
Brookfield Investment Management, Inc.F-0030
Clarkston Capital Partners, LLCF-0030
Evenlode InvestmentsF-0030
Centerstone Investors, LLCF-0030
Etica SGRF-0030
Border to Coast Pensions PartnershipF-0020
Ariel Investments LLCF-0020
Martin Currie Investment ManagementF-0020
Perkins Capital Management, Inc.F-0020
New Mexico Educational Retirement BoardF-0020
John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Dividend Income FundF-0020
Bernische Lehrerversicherungskasse (BLVK)F-0020
Causeway Capital Management LLCF-0020
Firsthand Capital ManagementF-0010
WCM Investment ManagementF-0010
Pensioenfonds Horeca & CateringF-0010
Azzad Asset Management, Inc.F-0010
Rational Advisors, Inc.F-0010
Oldfield Partners LLPF-0010
Mercator Asset Management, L.P.F-0010
Perpetual LimitedF-0010
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System (OPERS)F-0010
Accrued Equities, Inc.F-0010
Australian UnityF-0010
Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management LLC (Fresh Pond Capital)F-0010
Samsung Asset Management Co.,Ltd. (Korea)F-0010
Volt Equity LLCF-0010
Premier Asset ManagementF-0010
Norfolk Pension FundF-0010
Bruce Fund IncF-0010
Triasima Portfolio Management Inc.F-0010
Virtus Total Return Fund Inc.F-0010
Stance Capital, LLCF-0010
Heartland Advisors, IncF-0010
John Hancock Premium Dividend FundF-0010
Pekin Singer Strauss Asset Management, Inc.F-0010
MIRABAUD Asset Management LimitedF-0010
Keeley Asset ManagementF-0010
Asset Management One Co., Ltd.F-0010
Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn LLCF-0010


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